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Last updated: 02/02/2009

If you’re considering plastic surgery with insufficient funds, there’s no shame in the fact. Many millions of Americans such as yourself are facing the same dilemma. Thankfully, the high numbers of cash-strapped potential patients has created a boom in plastic surgery loans. Even if you don’t have the money right now, cosmetic surgery loans will entrust you with the easier task of gradually building up your funds so that you can get the operation you want today. Surgery loans can come in the form of personal loans or loans from companies both big and small.
Personal Surgery Loans
This is the option that many patients choose to pursue first. It’s the most accessible, and, best of all, interest rates are usually not a problem Your friends and family, when asked, may be willing to assist you with personal surgery loans that come without the frightening legal framework of an official loan.

However, that doesn’t mean that counting on personal connections for a plastic surgery loan is always the easiest option, or the best. Paradoxical as it may seem, extracting cosmetic surgery loans from someone near and dear to you may be more difficult than applying to an impersonal company. Money matters can make the closest friends and most tight-knit families shy away; so how do you broach the matter of plastic surgery loans with your grandmother or best friend?
The bottom line is to sound professional. State your reasons clearly, and make sure that whoever you’re applying to for assistance understands that your operation is a matter to which you are committed. Lay out a timeline for yourself to pay him or her back. If you can make a persuasive argument, personal surgery loans are a great way to pay.
Other Plastic Surgery Loans
Maybe you don’t have a friend or relative in mind, or maybe you simply don’t want to burden someone close to you with the task of providing cosmetic surgery loans. Either way, there are plenty of financing companies willing to set you up with plastic surgery loans.
The best way to find a trustworthy loan company is to talk to your surgeon. Specialized cosmetic surgery centers are often affiliated with loan companies; some of the bigger ones may even have a whole list of options for plastic surgery loans already set up so that the patient can simply walk in and choose. Even if your surgeon is not linked to a company that disburses surgery loans, he or she has probably heard the same question from other patients, and will be able to point you in the direction of trustworthy companies. 
Many companies offer healthcare financing plans of the all-purpose sort: these can cover anything from dental health to emergency treatment. However, not all financers will cover cosmetic surgery, so if you are unable to find one willing to offer plastic surgery loans, then narrow your search. Focus on specialized plans, such as the ones offered by Capitol One Healthcare Finance and CareCredit. These offer payment plans specially designed for patients seeking cosmetic surgery loans, and include benefits such as fixed rates and flexible timelines.

Last Updated: 02/02/2009

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