GNT Surgery
Surgeries related to gasteroenterology mainly deal with disorders of the digestive system. Structures that may be operated on include the stomach, esophagus, and intestines, as well as less directly related structures such as the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. Procedures such as appendectomies and operations that correct stomach issues are among the most common.

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Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used as a diagnostic tool and surgical procedure that is performed to examine the abdominal and pelvic organs, or the thorax, head, or neck. Tissue samples can also be collected for biopsy using laparoscopy and malignancies treated when it is combined with other therapies. Laparoscopy can also be used for some cardiac and vascular procedures.

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Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix. The appendix is a worm-shaped hollow pouch attached to the cecum, the beginning of the large intestine.

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Laparotomy, Exploratory

A laparotomy is a large incision made into the abdomen. Exploratory laparotomy is used to visualize and examine the structures inside of the abdominal cavity.

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An ileostomy is a surgical procedure in which the small intestine is attached to the abdominal wall in order to bypass the large intestine; digestive waste then exits the body through an artificial opening called a stoma (from the Greek word for "mouth").

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Finding a Surgeon
Finding a surgeon refers to the process of choosing a doctor with specialized training in one or more branches of surgery to perform a specific procedure. It is almost always done in the context......
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Gastroenterologic Surgery
Gastroenterologic surgery includes a variety of surgical procedures performed on the organs and conduits of the digestive system. These procedures include the repair, removal, or resection of......
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Choosing a Surgeon
While you will probably not be golfing with him or her anytime soon (nor would you likely want to!), you should learn a few things about the person that is about to perform surgery on you. When choosing......
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>Biliary colic is the presenting symptom in 80% of patients with gallstone disease who seek medical care; however, only 10-20% of all individuals with gallstones experience severe gallstone pain.

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