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As the title implies, this video describes how muscles work. It shows the anatomy of the muscle in relation to bone but also the structure of muscle at the microscopic level.

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Scarf Bunionectomy - Surgical Animation

This narrated video uses X-ray films and animation to describe a scarf bunionectomy. This allows the viewer to see the foot before and after scarf bunionectomy.


Osteoarthritis or OA is one of the main types of arthridities (the plural of arthritis). This narrated animation describes how osteoarthritis may affect a joint (in this case, the knee) and cause pain and difficulty with movement.

How a wrist fracture is treated

There are several bones in the wrist joint and trauma to this area can cause one of a number of wrist and arm fractures. One of the most common types of wrist fracture, called a Colles fracture, is discussed as well one way to treat the fracture.

Osteoporosis-3D Medical Animation

This video describes the two types of osteoporosis, the symptoms that it may cause, the tests used to diagnose osteoporosis, and some treatment options. Note the estrogen replacement therapy mentioned in the video may not be appropriate for most patients.

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New procedures like minimally invasive procedures are often subject to scrutiny, but I think that one of the biggest problems facing these innovative procedures is for people to understand exactly what we do.

-Dr. Michael Perry, Laser Spine institute

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