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Alternatives to periodontal surgery include other dental procedures concomitant with medication treatment as well as changes in lifestyle. Lifestyle changes include quitting smoking, nutritional changes, exercise, and better oral hygiene. There...

have been some medication advances for the gum infections that lead to inflammation and disease. Medication, combined with scaling and root planing, can be very effective. New treatments include antimicrobial mouthwashes to control bacteria; a gelatin-filled antibiotic "chip" inserted into periodontal pockets; and low doses of an antibiotic medication to keep destructive enzymes from combining with the bacteria to create plaque.

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Periodontal disease is disease which occurs in the gums around the teeth. Left untreated, disease of this area can lead to pain and tooth loss among other problems. One way to treat periodontal disease is through laser treatment of the gums. The narrated animation shows how concentrated light energy (lasers) can be used to treat these diseases.

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A gingivectomy is a periodontal surgical procedure which includes the removal of gingival tissue in order to achieve a more esthetic appearance and/or functional contour.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gingivectomy

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ENT surgeons diagnose and treat conditions of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, and undertake some cosmetic procedures.

-Dr David Luff

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