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This 3D animation explains how the heart muscle contracts to pump blood throughout the body. The action of cells at the microscopic level affects the function of the entire cardiovascular system, as the video explains.

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Coronary Angiography

This video describes how the circulatory system works, how disease can affect blood vessels (atherosclerosis), and how doctors use angiography to test for coronary artery blockage.

The Pacemaker of the Heart

Tiny electric currents flow through the heart muscle and cause them to contract, squeezing blood throughout the body. This animation shows the electrical system of the heart and how it is driven by a small patch of tissue called the cardiac pacemaker or sinoatrial node.

Cardiology Medical Animation Reel

This animation shows what angioplasty and stent deployment look like if you could see inside of the blood vessels, up close. There is no narration, but the "balloon" being opened is the angioplasty procedure while the "chicken-wire" cylinder is the stent.

Understanding Cholesterol (Heart Basics #5)

A physician describes what cholesterol is, the difference between good and bad cholesterol, and how cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis (blood vessel disease).

Other Information

Traditional Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery has undesirable side effects that range from cognitive loss to increased hospital stays that are believed to be related to artificial heart pumps. In this project, we believe that if the heart were able to beat freely during surgery, these pumps would not be needed and it is possible that these side effects might be lessened.

-M. Cenk Cavusoglu

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