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It is normal to experience light bleeding for one to two days after surgical hysteroscopy. Mild cramping or pain is common after operative hysteroscopy, but usually diminishes within eight hours. If carbon dioxide gas was used, the resulting discomfort...

usually subsides within 24 hours.

7. Risks


Occasionally endometrium can grow outside of the womb, causing a painful condition known as endometriosis. This particular video shows how a fluorescent marker is used to identify endometrial tissue, tissue that is sometimes hard to identify. The video is the view through a laparoscope and the shiny areas are endometrial tissue.

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Hysteroscopy is the inspection of the uterine cavity by endoscopy. It allows for the diagnosis of intrauterine pathology and serves as a method for surgical intervention (operative hysteroscopy).

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hysteroscopy

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an obstetrician/gynecologist is a physician specialist who provides medical and surgical care to women and has particular expertise in pregnancy, childbirth, and disorders of the reproductive system.

From: womenshealthchannel.com

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