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Patients will have blood drawn into a vacuum tube and may experience some pain and burning at the site of injection. A gauze bandage may be placed over the site to prevent further bleeding. If the person is suffering from severe liver disease, they...

may lack clotting factors. The nurse or caregiver should be careful to monitor bleeding in these patients after obtaining blood.



The sugar (glucose and others) that we eat must have insulin in order for it to enter our tissues. This video shows what happens in diabetes mellitus when tissues are insensitive to insulin. This is the case in Type 2 diabetes.

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Liver function tests (LFTs or LFs), which include liver enzymes, are groups of clinical biochemistry laboratory blood assays designed to give information about the state of a patient's liver. Most liver diseases cause only mild symptoms initially, but it is vital that these diseases be detected early. Hepatic (liver) involvement in some diseases can be of crucial importance. This testing is performed by a medical technologist on a patient's serum or plasma sample obtained by phlebotomy. Some tests are associated with functionality (eg. albumin); some with cellular integrity (eg. transaminase) and some with conditions linked to the biliary tract (gamma-glutamyl transferase and alkaline phosphatase).

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liver_function_tests

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