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Parathyroidectomy is the removal of one or more parathyroid glands. A person usually has four parathyroid glands, although the exact number may vary from three to seven. The glands are located in the neck, in front of the Adam's apple, and are closely...

linked to the thyroid gland. The parathyroid glands regulate the balance of calcium in the body.

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Also known as "Parathyroid gland removal", Parathyroidectomy is the surgical removal of one or more parathyroid glands. This procedure is used to remove primary tumors or hyperplasia of the glands, especially when they produce excessive parathyroid hormone. As drugs such as Fosamax do not treat the underlying cause of parathyroid-related osteoporosis, surgery is the only cure. Bone loss is reversible.

The location of the glands is generally behind the thyroid, but there is a lot of variation. Usually, the location of an enlarged gland has been confirmed via a sestamibi scan or on ultrasound.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parathyroidectomy

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