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A vasovasostomy is a surgical procedure in which the effects of a vasectomy (male sterilization) are reversed. During a vasectomy, the vasa deferentia, which are ducts that carry sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles, are cut, tied,...

cauterized (burned or seared), or otherwise interrupted. A vasovasostomy creates an opening between the separated ends of each vas deferens so that the sperm may enter the semen before ejaculation.

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Vasovasostomy (literally connection of the vas to the vas) is the surgery by which vasectomies are reversed in males.

It can be performed in the convoluted or straight portion of the vas deferens.

Vasovasostomy is typically an out-patient procedure (patient goes home the same day).

The medical term used to describe the reversal procedure is called vasovasostomy (a form of microsurgery first performed by Earl Owen in 1971). The physician can reconnect the sperm canal by performing a vas-to-vas connection (vasovasostomy). The term Vasectomy Reversal (vasovasostomy) is the process of reconnecting the tubes (vas deferens ) that were cut during a vasectomy Vasectomy reversal is usually an outpatient procedure without an overnight stay.

The procedure is typically performed by urologists. Most urologists specializing in the field of male infertility perform vasovasostomies using an operative microscope for magnification, under general or regional anesthesia.

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