Type of Surgery

How an epidural is given during childbirth

Provides a step-by-step graphical description of how an anesthesiologist inserts an epidural prior to delivery of a pregnancy. The epidural provides anesthesia into the epidural space of the spinal cord to block all sensation from the level of the epidural down to the feet. The mother stays conscious, but free from vaginal pain, during the delivery with an epidural.

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Prenatal test - Amniocentesis - Fetal medicine

Animated, narrated slide show that describes how amniotic fluid is sampled during amniocentesis. An ultrasound probe is used to help guide the needle during the procedure.

Endometriosis reference

Occasionally endometrium can grow outside of the womb, causing a painful condition known as endometriosis. This particular video shows how a fluorescent marker is used to identify endometrial tissue, tissue that is sometimes hard to identify. The video is the view through a laparoscope and the shiny areas are endometrial tissue.