Type of Surgery

PreOp® Patient Education: Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery

The Achilles tendon is the major tendon that connects the lower leg to the foot. Without your Achilles tendon, you would not be able to point your foot or walk effectively. This narrated animation describes how tears in the Achilles tendon are repaired surgically.

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Joints of the Skeleton

Knee joints or finger joints are fairly easy to understand--they facilitate back and forth movement; however, anywhere that two bones meet in the body there is some sort of joint. This animation describes the different joints in the body and what anatomical structures make up joints.

How the Body Works : Repair of Bone

Breaking a bone is not like breaking a dinner plate, there are a number of arteries and cells that are disrupted. This narration explains what occurs during a bone fracture and how the bone heals and repairs itself.